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Representative recent publications


Wang, H., Fedorov, A.A., Fedorov, E.V., Hunt, D.M., Rodgers, A., Douglas, H.L., Garza-Garcia, A., Bonanno, J.B., Almo, S.C. & de Carvalho, L.P.S.

An essential bifunctional enzyme in Mycobacterium tuberculosis for itaconate dissimilation and leucine catabolism.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.,116(32):15907 (2019).


Freire, D.M., Gutierrez, C., Garza-Garcia, A., Grabowska, A.D., Sala, A.J., Ariyachaokun, K., Panikova, T., Beckham, K.S.H., Colom, A., Pogenberg, V., Cianci, M., Tuukkanen, A., Boudehen, Y.M., Peixoto, A., Botella, L., Svergun, D.I., Schnappinger, D., Schneider, T.R., Genevaux, P., de Carvalho, L.P.S., Wilmanns, M., Parret, A.H.A. & Neyrolles, O.

An NAD+ Phosphorylase Toxin Triggers Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cell Death.

Mol Cell., 73(6), 1282 (2019).


Esposito, D., Gunster, R. A., Martino, L., El Omari, K., Wagner, A., Thurston, T. L. M. & Rittinger, K.

Structural basis for the glycosyltransferase activity of the Salmonella effector SseK3

J. Biol. Chem., 293(14), 5064, (2018).


Gatta, A. T., Sauerwein, A. C., Zhuravleva, A., Levine, T. P. & Matthews, S.

Structural insights into a StART-like domain in Lam4 and its interaction with sterol ligands

Biochem. Biophys. Res.Commun., 495(3), 2270 (2018).


Ahn, M., Waudby, C. A., Bernardo-Gancedo, A., De Genst, E., Dhulesia, A., Salvatella, X., Christodoulou, J., Dobson, C. M. & Kumita, J. R.

Application of Lysine-specific Labeling to Detect Transient Interactions Present During Human Lysozyme Amyloid Fibril Formation

Sci. Rep., 7(1), 15018 (2017).


Batson, S., de Chiara, C., Majce, V., Lloyd, A. J., Gobec, S., Rea, D., Fulop, V., Thoroughgood, C. W., Simmons, K. J., Dowson, C. G., Fishwick, C. W. G., de Carvalho, L. P. S. & Roper, D. I.

Inhibition of D-Ala:D-Ala ligase through a phosphorylated form of the antibiotic D-cycloserine

Nat. Commun., 8, 1939 (2017).


Collins, K. M., Kainov, Y. A., Christodolou, E., Ray, D., Morris, Q., Hughes, T., Taylor, I. A., Makeyev, E. V. & Ramos, A.

An RRM-ZnF RNA recognition module targets RBM10 to exonic sequences to promote exon exclusion

Nucleic. Acids. Res., 45(11), 6761 (2017).


Gallagher, C., Burlina, F., Offer, J. & Ramos, A.

A method for the unbiased and efficient segmental labelling of RNA-binding proteins for structure and biophysics

Sci. Rep., 7(1), 14083 (2017).


Gehrig, S., Macpherson, J. A., Driscoll, P. C., Symon, A., Martin, S. R., MacRae, J. I., Kleinjung, J., Fraternali, F. & Anastasiou, D.

An engineered photoswitchable mammalian pyruvate kinase

FEBS J., 284(18), 2955 (2017).


Gerecht, K., Figueiredo, A. M. & Hansen, D. F.

Determining rotational dynamics of the guanidino group of arginine side chains in proteins by carbon-detected NMR

Chem. Comm., 53(72), 10062 (2017).


Gladkova, C., Schubert, A. F., Wagstaff, J. L., Pruneda, J. N., Freund, S. M. & Komander, D.

An invisible ubiquitin conformation is required for efficient phosphorylation by PINK1

EMBO J., 36(24), 3555 (2017).


Hansen, D. F.

Measurement of (15)N longitudinal relaxation rates in (15)NH4(+) spin systems to characterise rotational correlation times and chemical exchange

J. Magn. Reson., 279, 91 (2017).


Heyam, A., Coupland, C. E., Degut, C., Haley, R. A., Baxter, N. J., Jakob, L., Aguiar, P. M., Meister, G., Williamson, M. P., Lagos, D. & Plevin, M. J.

Conserved asymmetry underpins homodimerization of Dicer-associated double-stranded RNA-binding proteins

Nucleic Acids Res., 45(21), 12577 (2017).


Krysztofinska, E. M., Evans, N. J., Thapaliya, A., Murray, J. W., Morgan, R. M. L., Martinez-Lumbreras, S. & Isaacson, R. L.

Structure and Interactions of the TPR Domain of Sgt2 with Yeast Chaperones and Ybr137wp

Front. Mol. Biosci., 4, 68 (2017).


Mackenzie, H. W. & Hansen, D. F.

A (13)C-detected (15)N double-quantum NMR experiment to probe arginine side-chain guanidinium (15)N(eta) chemical shifts

J. Biomol. NMR, 69(3), 123 (2017).


Mendez-Lucas, A., Li, X., Hu, J., Che, L., Song, X., Jia, J., Wang, J., Xie, C., Driscoll, P. C., Tschaharganeh, D. F., Calvisi, D. F., Yuneva, M. & Chen, X.

Glucose Catabolism in Liver Tumors Induced by c-MYC Can Be Sustained by Various PKM1/PKM2 Ratios and Pyruvate Kinase Activities

Cancer Res., 77(16), 4355 (2017).


Messner, C. B., Driscoll, P. C., Piedrafita, G., De Volder, M. F. L. & Ralser, M.

Nonenzymatic gluconeogenesis-like formation of fructose 1,6-bisphosphate in ice

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 114(28), 7403 (2017).


Pisco, J. P., de Chiara, C., Pacholarz, K. J., Garza-Garcia, A., Ogrodowicz, R. W., Walker, P. A., Barran, P. E., Smerdon, S. J. & de Carvalho, L. P. S.

Uncoupling conformational states from activity in an allosteric enzyme.

Nat. Commun., 8, 203, (2017).


Stefana, M. I., Driscoll, P. C., Obata, F., Pengelly, A. R., Newell, C. L., MacRae, J. I. & Gould, A. P.

Developmental diet regulates Drosophila lifespan via lipid autotoxins

Nat. Commun., 8, 1384 (2017).


Thomas, F., Niitsu, A., Oregioni, A., Bartlett, G. J. & Woolfson, D. N.

Conformational Dynamics of Asparagine at Coiled-Coil Interfaces

Biochemistry, 56(50), 6544 (2017).


Wieteska, L., Shahidi, S. & Zhuravleva, A.

Allosteric fine-tuning of the conformational equilibrium poises the chaperone BiP for post-translational regulation

Elife, 6, e29430, (2017).


Nicastro, G., Candel, A.M., Uhl, M., Oregioni A., Hollingworth, D., Backofen, R., Martin, S.R. & Ramos, A.

Mechanism of beta-actin mRNA Recognition by ZBP1

Cell Rep., 18(5), 1187 (2017).


Oregioni, A., Stieglitz, B, Kelly, G., Rittinger, K. & Frenkiel, T.

Determination of the pKa of the N-terminal amino group of ubiquitin by NMR

Sci. Rep., 7, 43748 (2017).


Ball, N. J., Nicastro, G., Dutta, M., Pollard, D.J., Goldstone D.C., Sanz-Ramos, M., Ramos, A., Mullers, E., Stirnnagel, K., Stanke, N., Lindemann, D., Stoye, J.P., Taylor, W.R., Rosenthal, P.B. & Taylor, I.A.

Structure of a Spumaretrovirus Gag Central Domain Reveals an Ancient Retroviral Capsid

PLoS Path., 12(11), e1005981, (2016).


Cabrita, L. D., Cassaignau A. M., Launay H. M., Waudby C. A., Wlodarski T., Camilloni C., Karyadi M. E., Robertson A. L., Wang X., Wentink A. S., Goodsell L. S., Woolhead C. A., Vendruscolo M., Dobson C. M. & Christodoulou J.

A structural ensemble of a ribosome-nascent chain complex during co-translational protein folding

Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 23(4), 278 (2016).


Cassaignau, A. M., Launay H. M., Karyadi M. E., Wang X., Waudby C. A., Deckert A., Robertson A. L., Christodoulou J. & Cabrita L. D.

A strategy for co-translational folding studies of ribosome-bound nascent chain complexes using NMR spectroscopy

Nat. Protoc., 11(8), 1492 (2016).


Corvino, A., Severino B., Fiorino F., Frecentese F., Magli E., Perissutti E., Santagada V., Bucci M., Cirino G., Kelly G., Servillo L., Popowicz G., Pastore A. & Caliendo G.

Fragment-based de novo design of a cystathionine gamma-lyase selective inhibitor blocking hydrogen sulfide production

Sci. Rep., 6, 34398. (2016).


Deckert, A., Waudby C. A., Wlodarski T., Wentink A. S., Wang X., Kirkpatrick J. P., Paton J. F., Camilloni, C., Kukic P., Dobson C. M., Vendruscolo M., Cabrita L. D. & Christodoulou J.

Structural characterization of the interaction of alpha-synuclein nascent chains with the ribosomal surface and trigger factor

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 113(18), 5012 (2016).


Karamanos, T. K., Pashley C. L., Kalverda A. P., Thompson G. S., Mayzel M., Orekhov V. Y. & Radford S. E.

A Population Shift between Sparsely Populated Folding Intermediates Determines Amyloidogenicity

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138(19), 6271 (2016).


Koliopoulos, M. G., Esposito D., Christodoulou E., Taylor I. A. & Rittinger K.

Functional role of TRIM E3 ligase oligomerization and regulation of catalytic activity

EMBO J., 35(11), 1204 (2016).


Larrouy-Maumus, G., Marino L. B., Madduri A. V., Ragan T. J., Hunt D. M., Bassano L., Gutierrez M. G., Moody D. B., Pavan F. R. & de Carvalho L. P.

Cell-Envelope Remodeling as a Determinant of Phenotypic Antibacterial Tolerance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

ACS Infect. Dis., 2(5), 352 (2016).


Mulloy, B., Wu N., Gyarn-Quast F., Lin L., Zhang F. M., Pickering M. C., Linhardt R. J., Feizi T. & Chai W. G.

Abnormally High Content of Free Glucosamine Residues Identified in a Preparation of Commercially Available Porcine Intestinal Heparan Sulfate

Anal. Chem., 88(13), 6648 (2016).


Paoletti, F., de Chiara C., Kelly G., Covaceuszach S., Malerba F., Yan R., Lamba D., Cattaneo A. & Pastore A.

Conformational Rigidity within Plasticity Promotes Differential Target Recognition of Nerve Growth Factor

Front. Mol. Biosci., 3, 83 (2016).


Pucheta-Martinez, E., Saladino G., Morando M. A., Martinez-Torrecuadrada J., Lelli M., Sutto L., D'Amelio N. & Gervasio F. L.

An Allosteric Cross-Talk Between the Activation Loop and the ATP Binding Site Regulates the Activation of Src Kinase

Sci. Rep., 6, 24235 (2016).


Puglisi, R., Yan R., Adinolfi S. & Pastore A.

A New Tessera into the Interactome of the isc Operon: A Novel Interaction between HscB and IscS

Front. Mol. Biosci., 3, 48 (2016).


Sanfelice, D., Sanz-Hernandez M., de Simone A., Bullard B. & Pastore A.

Toward understanding the molecular bases of stretch activation: a structural comparison of the two troponin c isoforms of lethocerus

J. Biol. Chem., 291(31), 16090 (2016).


Sette, M., D'Addabbo P., Kelly G., Cicconi A., Micheli E., Cacchione S., Poma A., Gargioli C., Giambra V. & Frezza D.

Evidence for a quadruplex structure in the polymorphic hs1.2 enhancer of the immunoglobulin heavy chain 3' regulatory regions and its conservation in mammals

Biopolymers, 105(11), 768 (2016).


Waudby, C. A., Ramos A., Cabrita L. D. & Christodoulou J.

Two-Dimensional NMR Lineshape Analysis

Sci. Rep., 6, 24826 (2016).


Yan, R., Friemel M., Aloisi C., Huynen M., Taylor I. A., Leimkuhler S. & Pastore A.

The Eukaryotic-Specific ISD11 Is a Complex-Orphan Protein with Ability to Bind the Prokaryotic IscS

PLoS One, 11(7), e0157895 (2016).


Zeymer, C., Werbeck N. D., Zimmermann S., Reinstein J. & Hansen D. F.

Characterizing Active Site Conformational Heterogeneity along the Trajectory of an Enzymatic Phosphoryl Transfer Reaction

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 55(38), 11533 (2016).


Zhang, H. T., Palma A. S., Zhang Y. B., Childs R. A., Liu Y., Mitchell D. A., Guidolin L. S., Weigel W., Mulloy B., Ciocchini A.E., Feizi T. & Chai W. G.

Generation and characterization of beta 1,2-gluco-oligosaccharide probes from Brucella abortus cyclic beta-glucan and their recognition by C-type lectins of the immune system

Glycobiology, 26(10), 1086 (2016).


Burgess, S.G., R. Bayliss, & M. Pfuhl

Solution NMR assignment of the cryptic sixth TOG domain of mini spindles

Biomol Nmr Assign., 9(2), 411 (2015).


Chan S.H.S., Waudby C.A., Cassaignau A.M.E., Cabrita L.D., Christodoulou J.

Increasing the sensitivity of NMR diffusion measurements by paramagnetic longitudinal relaxation enhancement, with application to ribosome-nascent chain complexes

J. Biomol NMR , 63(2), 151 (2015).


Cherry A.L., Nott T.J., Kelly G., Rulten S.L., Caldecott K.W. & Smerdon S.J.

Versatility in phospho-dependent molecular recognition of the XRCC1 and XRCC4 DNA-damage scaffolds by aprataxin-family FHA domains.

DNA Repair, 35, 116 (2015).


Collins K.M., Oregioni A., Robertson L.E., Kelly G. & Ramos A.

Protein-RNA specificity by high-throughput principal component analysis of NMR spectra

Nucleic Acids Res., 43(6), e41 (2015).


Erskine P.T., Fokas A., Muriithi C., Rehman H., Yates L.A., Bowyer A., Findlow I.S., Hagan R., Werner J.M., Miles A.J., Wallace B.A., Wells S.A., Wood S.P. & Cooper J.B.

X-ray, spectroscopic and normal-mode dynamics of calexcitin: structure-function studies of a neuronal calcium-signalling protein

Acta Crystallogr. Sect. D-Biol. Crystallogr., 71, 615 (2015).


Faggiano S., Menon R.P., Kelly G.P., Todi S.V., Scaglione K.M., Konarev P.V., Svergun D.I., Paulson H.L. & Pastore A.

Allosteric regulation of deubiquitylase activity through ubiquitination

Front. Mol. Biosci., 2, 2 (2015).


Klein T., Vajpai N., Phillips J.J., Davies G., Holdgate G.A., Phillips C., Tucker J.A., Norman R.A., Scott A.D., Higazi D.R., Lowe D., Thompson G.S. & Breeze A.L.

Structural and dynamic insights into the energetics of activation loop rearrangement in FGFR1 kinase

Nat. Commun., 6, 7877 (2015).


Martino L., Pennell S., Kelly G., Busi B., Brown P., Atkinson R.A., Salisbury N.J., Ooi Z.H., See K.W., Smerdon S.J., Alfano C., Bui T.T. & Conte M.R.

Synergic interplay of the La motif, RRM1 and the interdomain linker of LARP6 in the recognition of collagen mRNA expands the RNA binding repertoire of the La module

Nucleic Acids Res., 43(1), 645 (2015).


Nematollahi L.A., Garza-Garcia A., Bechara C., Esposito D., Morgner N., Robinson C.V. & Driscoll P.C.

Flexible Stoichiometry and Asymmetry of the PIDDosome Core Complex by Heteronuclear NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry

J. Mol. Biol., 427(4), 737 (2015).


Porcari R., Proukakis C., Waudby C.A., Bolognesi B., Mangione P.P., Paton J.F., Mullin S., Cabrita L.D., Penco A., Relini A., Verona G., Vendruscolo M., Stoppini M., Tartaglia G.G., Camilloni C., Christodoulou J., Schapira A.H. & Bellotti V.

The H50Q Mutation Induces a 10-fold Decrease in the Solubility of alpha-Synuclein

J. Biol. Chem., 290(4), (2015).